June meet-up: Sports data and human decision-making

Moneyball, but for AFL umpires?

Everyone knows Moneyball, right? The Michael Lewis book that became a Brad Pitt film: it's about how data and stats transformed a baseball team's player choices and thus season trajectory.

This month we're talking about sports data. Dr Timothy Neville is currently implementing an analysis system for AFL umpires that aims to provide advanced analytics on their performance.

He's interested in how analytics integrates with the human aspect of sport, and he'll be joining us this week to chat more about his work.

This event will be held over Zoom so your RSVP is essential for getting access to attend. We'll send details on the morning of the event to everyone who has RSVP'd YES.

When: 11:00am on Wednesday June 24
How: RSVP via our Meetup page and we'll send you the link on Wed morning


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