An apology

Bad news if you thought our Feb meet-up was tonight...

Hi friends, huge big sorry for a dumb error that went out in the email earlier this month - the date was wrong.

Our event is not tonight, Feb 17, as was listed in the email. It was last week, Feb 10.

This may not have affected you because if you RSVP’d via our Meetup page, you would’ve got the confirmation email with the live-stream link last week.

Or, if you left your details on the Covid document, you would’ve got a confirmation email with the right date and a map of QUT.

Or maybe only one person is *really* reading these emails… Thanks Cristen!

If you missed it because of our error, we’re very sorry. But we were recording! We’ll be sending that out in next month’s email.

The Hacks/Hackers Brisbane team