What's the cost of digital disruption?

We’re kicking off 2021 with a biggie

There’s a lot going on in the digital media space in Australia right now. Most notably, the attempt to harness more revenue for news organisations by getting Google and Facebook to commit to a mandatory media bargaining code.

Last year the Federal Government commissioned an independent review of the Australian media sector, in part because it was “seeking expert advice on the range of media business models that have been adopted in overseas markets, and what measures have been put in place, or are being considered, to support media providers to transition to a more sustainable footing.”

One of those experts is Professor Amanda Lotz. She has examined how internet communication technologies have disrupted the print media industry and why funding solutions are so elusive.

She will present her research at the first Hacks/Hackers Brisbane event for 2021, which we’re co-hosting with QUT’s Digital Media Research Centre.

If you wish to attend this IRL, please leave your details here for COVID reporting purposes.

The event will be live streamed, so if you’d like access to that link, please RSVP via our Meet-Up page.

Event details

Date: Wednesday, February 17

Where: QUT Kelvin Grove, room W201


  • 5:00pm - IRL attendees arrive

  • 5:25pm - Zoom session opens for virtual attendees

  • 5:30pm - Professor Amanda Lotz presentation and Q&A

  • 6:30pm - Conclude event and move to post-event venue (for IRLers)


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🗞️ “But the code is unlikely to do much to fix the crisis faced by journalism in the internet age. It isn’t even a band-aid on the problem.” - Professor Amanda Lotz in this Conversation piece.

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Other bits

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