About us

Hacks/Hackers Brisbane explores the future of digital media by bringing together storytellers ("Hacks") and technologists ("Hackers").

We aim to run free monthly events in Brisbane, Australia. COVID disrupted our flow, but we're working to ramp up again! Our past events have covered: 

  • Data visualisation

  • How to better deliver local news

  • Elections and social media bots

  • Machine learning and natural language generation

  • The cost of digital disruption to the news media industry

  • And loads more!

We welcome digital thinkers and practitioners in disciplines such as journalism, web development, design, UX & UI, content creation, communications, marketing, and more. 

We also welcome members of the public who are interested in any or all of the above, and who can bring their own experiences to the conversation. 

We hope to build a community that shares insights, sparks design thinking, provides opportunities for collaboration, and contributes to improving our online lives.

Who are we?

Hacks/Hackers Brisbane is run by Quants & Quills. Current members of the management committee are: 

  • Simon Elvery, web developer and digital journalist

  • Katie Cassidy, content writer with background in digital journalism and news products

  • Dan Angus, professor of digital communication

  • Rosie Ryan, digital editor   

  • Thom Ryan, arts worker and critic

  • Rae Allen, journalist and digital product specialist

Our events

We schedule all events through our Meetup page.

We're always open to topic ideas and hearing from potential speakers. Drop us a note.

If you'd like to volunteer in any way, we'd also love to hear from you.

Find out more

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