We're teaming up with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision Making & Society to bring you the winners from the recent ADM+S Dark Ads…

September 2022

With the right tech, could we supercharge the reporting process to find and tell important stories that would otherwise have gone unnoticed?

December 2021

No meet-ups planned for the end of the year, so we'll see you in 2022

July 2021

Bit long between drinks, but we're back for July

April 2021

Our next meet-up is being held in the first week of May

March 2021

Details about this week's March meet-up

February 2021

Bad news if you thought our Feb meet-up was tonight...
We’re kicking off 2021 with a biggie

November 2020

Year of the Rollercoaster The pattern we fell into this year was hosting an event every second month, due to ~waves hands around~ all the things. In…

October 2020

Our own backyard We're back on for October - and it's our first live event since February! With help from the QUT School of Communication, we're hosting…

September 2020

September pause Hello friends, we are indeed going to have another hiatus this month - but we have plans to make October's meet-up a big one! When we…

August 2020

XR-rated In the future, interactive digital content will have much larger shoes to fill. No longer confined to a phone screen, it will be as much a part…